Extending the Reach Of Online Slots

Ever since Online Gambling entered the world gambling scenario, Slots have played a major part n its resurgence, and taken the lion’s share of Online Casino gambling revenues. But a trouble area has caused serious problems in the smooth execution of its online operations. This has been the financial interface problem with the real world. The real world runs on Real Money, while Online Slots operate a virtual ecosystem which runs on Virtual Money. Slot deposits on the Network can only be paid by Virtual Money, but the Bettors can make deposits in Real Money only. Slots have had an inherent advantage in that its individual deposits are low value. But these smaller amounts could easily be inputted by a technique called PULSA in Indonesia, where it originated. But using scratch cards or phone to phone transfers, as in PULSA, were not suitable for the larger deposits required for money transfers. For multi channel Slots or even to repatriate the Winnings in Real Money to the Customers, the preferred method now is to use Slot Deposit OVO.

OVO Eyes New Conquests

OVO originally started off as a Mobile Payment Application for its Partners, Members and Business Associates. Founded on 25th September 2017 by LippoX (the Digital Arm of the Lippo group) and based in Jakarta, Indonesia, OVO commenced as a challenger to existing digital transaction giants like Paypal, Go-Pay and others. To satisfy Slots, Organizers and Bettors, OVO has ventured as OVO Casino, and extended its services from Indonesia to USA and Europe.

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Advantages Of OVO

Since OVO started off to digitally ease the passage of high value transactions, it was only natural that it could handle Slot Deposit OVO without any problem what-so-ever. In addition, the special advantage in using OVO lies in the fact that it can transact Virtual Winnings in the Slots to Real Money conversion for the Bettors.

Is OVO The Long-term Solution

While it is certainly possible that even better solutions may be found in the long-term, OVO seems to be the best method of medium to large value Slot deposits at present. While PULSA seems best suited to quick small Slot deposits which can be quickly utilized by ordinary Bettors anywhere, where small shops exist to sell Scratch Cards or affect phone money transfers whether, in the cities or in the villages. OVO has already found a secure niche in the world of online Slot money transactions.