What are the advantages of online poker?

Many people out there have an exposure to the game of Poker through the live format, like generally this can be at any local casino or even at a friend’s house where you play along with a few drinks. But with the advancement and the rapidly increasing elements in technology it is way more fun and has many perks when you consider playing online Poker qq compared to live poker in the casinos.

Here mentioned below are few benefits of online Poker:

The action of Poker is available 24 x 7:

No matter what time of the day or night it might be you are always sure to find a game or tournament available for you. The Poker offers online poker action which functions 24 hours in the day, seven days a week and 365 days in the year. Depending on the convenience to the people, you will find the players.

No hassle of travelling or tipping the dealer:

So, the great advantage of online poker is that you can easily play the game from wherever you want, it could either be your bedroom or even your kitchen, the choice is entirely yours!  You do not have to travel to any casino plus you will not have to tip any dealers and you can eat and drink whatever you feel like at that moment. How cool is that?

The game has a faster speed, more hands per hour:

When you are a Poker table in the casino the pace of your game will generally depend on the dealer, as in how fast he shuffles and deals with your cards. You might lose the focus you have after hours of slow play. While when you consider internet poker, you get a very fast speed of the game, which mainly results in the poker action all the time.

Various benefits offered:

There are some casinos that will serve you wine and food for free, they do this only to keep you happy at their tables. Online poker offers its players so many benefits like if you become a VIP player then you are entitled for further benefits, loyalty rewards and you could also exchanged the points that you have earned while playing for cash rewards and tokens for the tournaments.

Players are from all over the globe:

In your weekly home Poker qq game, you could also be competing with your best friends. In that situation you already are familiar with their habits, weaknesses and also their strengths, this actually seems to be a good thing, unless you have someone new who joins you at your table. But online you have your competition against players from different parts of the world, which can be fun and exciting!