How online games changed gambling

Gambling got a new life when online gambling came into existence in 1994. Since then, there has been no stopping it. All kinds of gambling games were introduced onto the screen and today, we have mobile gambling, web-based gambling and what not.

It would be unfair to claim that online gambling only adapted the regular gambling games. The truth is, online gambling revolutionized the regular gambling games. In addition, a lot of new gambling games have come into existence like the ones available at gclub.

Online gambling games


Online poker tables offer a wide range of games. Most common amongst these would be Texas hold’em, razz, seven card stud, and horse. Both tournaments and cash game structures are available with two players playing against each other rather than the house as in regular casinos.


Online casinos have almost made their mark with the number of online casinos growing every day. Online casinos like gclub offer all casino games in innovated forms such as the blackjack, baccarat, roulette etc.

Sports Betting

Online gambling has opened the door for widespread Sports betting. Games like football, hockey, boxing, horse racing and several others have come under the global umbrella of sports lovers and bettors.


Online gambling also enabled the spread of lotteries. While most of these are usually run by governments some private licensed websites offer lotteries on a smaller scale. However, lottery systems are largely controlled by governments so it is difficult for non-governmental entities to stay in the game. Today, even Government-controlled lotteries are available online.

In-play gambling

This is a type of sports gambling that became available due to online gambling. In this form, bettors can place bets while the event is in progress. This form of gambling lets the bettors indulge in various types of bets rather than the regular money lines or point spread lines.

There would be more than one reason for the growth of the online gambling community. Principally, it is the wide range of games available and the tons of variations within each. Companies like Microgaming have done their part well in developing amazing and unique programs for the games.