Three lesser known ways to determine if an online casino site is fake

Because of online casino, you are able to wager more than a hundred games without leaving your comfort zone, there are also times without having to pay a dime because of free games and bets. Because of its convenience, there are some online casinos even accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payments and allow people to use it for their online casino activity.

However, not all online casinos are made equal, and behind an average online casino site might be a tool to steal from unsuspecting gamblers considering that the wagering websites are pretty intuitive. It’s got lots of games and bonuses that you can choose from, however, once you start to make a deposit, all the money will not reflect on your account. This is where all bad things start to happen.

Fake online casino sites are the number one reason why a lot of gamblers stay playing on conventional gambling which is very hassle, and too old school that it prevents them all the innovation of gambling that they deserve to enjoy. If you are hesitant to play online casino, here is a good start to ensure that you are safe from these fraudulent and deceptive online casinos and have an enjoyable experience by following these tips.

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  • Confirm the domain name of the site- There are a lot of fake websites that use a domain name that is very similar to a legitimate site. There are a lot of it that disguised itself from an already established and reputable online casino just by changing a letter or a word of it that makes two domain names sound and appear as the same. Always double check the domain name before you decide to make a deposit from an online casino site because you might be dealing with the fake version of it.
  • Browse the platform- There are some scam casinos that invests heavily to disguise their websites with deceptive games and graphics that are too good to be true, well, to tell you, sadly most of these are fake. The usual fake online casino sites always publish something that real online casinos do not promote just to publicize their site hastily. Noticeable signs that an online casino site is fake is its missing contact page, as well as changing terms and conditions that contain little to no information about the site and the company behind it.
  • Always count the years of the online casino’s operation- Majority of fake online casino sites do not last long on the internet because it was already taken down by authorities and was already reported, while an average fake online casino site is barely a year old and are usually aggressively luring gamblers to set-up an account to them by promoting too good to be true bonuses and perks to gamblers. A legitimate online casino like sicbo online terpercaya has been operating for the past ten years, while new legitimate online casinos usually have a proper launching and announcement that are published by either the media or online casino forum sites where everyone are invited to visit and experience their new features.