ALL About famous blackjack

The game starts with calling your bet loud and clear, the dealer of the game plays a great roll in the game. The dealer has to deal 2 cards to the player and take 2 cards for himself.

The value of each card is same as the value written on them with the face cards having a value of 10 (largest). There is always an option for the player to keep playing the game or the player is all allowed to leave the game at any point of the play. When the players total is higher than the dealer the player wins the game. Based on this, the basic rules of this game are published here.

Rules of blackjack:

The game is played on a semi-circular table with a covered cloth with usually sitting a maximum of 7 players. There will an area on the table know as betting spot it can be anything a square box, nothing but just the table top etc. there will be sitting a trained dealer on one side of the table whose responsibility is to deal the cards to the players, the dealer also makes sure the bets are taken care of from the loosing bet collection, new bets registration, following rules and stuff is another duty of the dealer.

Casino slot

With the development of casino life there are hardly any casinos those are betting your real amount of money on the bet, you have to first buy a kind of casino currency as Casino chips. The most games in the casino play with the casino currency only. If you are willing to play any game all that you have to do is sit on a sit, watch the dealer finish the game and then you can ask the dealer for casino chips in replacement to your money. After converting your respective amount of the money the dealer will give you casino chips. If you want to play with two hands in the same game, you can play the game with a condition that the table must have an empty slot. But if you are playing with more than just one hand, you will have to double the playing bet. Each bet is valid for one hand.

You should always read the  terms and condition of each game at or you may ask the dealer to give you a little brief about the game, you can watch and learn from other players in the house.