Expand Your Knowledge – Online Blackjack Rules

When searching for online blackjack rules, you will find that there are too many rules. This means that the game is pretty easy to learn and play. This ease of play has helped the game significantly increase its popularity, ahead of many other types of poker card games. However, although the rules are easy to learn, you must first learn them before you begin. Now you can learn the rules of blackjack online without pile and superfluous.


In the rules of online blackjack, the number of cards you play with depends on the particular online casino. In some cases, it is only a hammer; in other cases, it can have up to eight hammers. When it comes to shuffling, many online casinos shuffle after each hand, while others notify you when you shuffle and start again in the deck.

The map values ​​are as follows:

o Numeric cards: two to ten are worth their face value. Nine is nine; Five is worth five, and so on.

o Face cards: kings, queens and jacks are worth ten points.

Ace: Ace can be high or low. A high ace costs 11 points, which is usually used to create blackjack, and a low ace costs a point.

What is blackjack? Blackjack occurs when a player reaches 21, without passing. In the first play, a natural blackjack is created, consisting of two cards, a card with a value of 10 and an ace, which in this case costs 11 points.



In the rules of online blackjack, the dealer deals two cards to each player and to `himself. One card face down and the other face up. As a rule, in accordance with the rules of the online blackjack of a particular online casino, bets will be placed before the agreement. In judi casino online, the only other bet that occurs is when a player decides to split or double.

Online Blackjack Rules: Act

There are several different types of actions that you can take in turn. The main thing is to remember that your only goal is to defeat the dealer, not exceeding 21. The following is a description of the various actions:

o Strike: if you decide to take another card, you can strike as many times as you like until you stop or break.

o Stand: you decide to stop striking and risk beating the dealer, the player who stops is no longer dealt cards.

o Bust: you broke when you were 21 years old.

o Separation: this happens when a player has two identical cards, for example, two eights, two aces or two fours, etc. The cards will be divided and each division will form a new hand, you must also bet on the second hand.