You do not need to be a poker professional

About three years ago, I met an old friend whom I had not seen for many years. We sat with a cup of coffee and caught up. I explained what I do, working for a person, and he told me that he makes a living through online poker. I thought that he was crazy and lazy, and that he was a wanderer who lived on the street. When we finished the coffee, we went to the parking lot, I went to my Volvo and watched her jump into the Porsche. What the hell was I driving a Porsche?

We planned to have dinner later that week

We met at a local Chinese restaurant and said in a Peking duck that I earned more money in a month than in 6 months working for this person.

I assumed that he was a professional player, as he collected more money than he could have dreamed of. Well, he was not a professional, or he told me so. He said that only the ordinary Joe found a system that helped him make a lot of money. Here is his short story.

Playing poker online

I started, like most players, I played at low-limit tables in several online 카지노사이트, mainly trying to get their bonus. After I deleted it, I went to the next site. There are many competitors among online casinos, and I had a lot of work, when the bonus was raffled, there was always the expectation of a second bonus. According to my estimates, I earned about $ 5,000 a month and made a decision about this for six months. Pursuing all these bonuses, I made friends in the world of online casinos. I met this guy who was not much different from me, who was also an additional prostitute, but now he took him another step forward. He said that with average limit tables, you can win a lot more money, and he meant 5/10 dollars. I received your instructions, and this is what I did; I downloaded a poker calculator that could keep up with the game, even if I played at 12 tables at the same time, and it was a trick to play too tight and play at several tables. Needless to say, besides playing poker, I also played very aggressively. Today, after a little practice playing on several tables at the same time, I earn $ 5,000 a week.

Of course, I was a little worried. I worked on my ass for $ 3,000 a month, and this guy makes almost twice a week playing poker. He gave me a list of the software that I used, and today I am on my way to winning online casino poker. I use three programs. One of them is called Poker Edge and helps me find the most profitable games, and I use the Holdem Indicator for cash games and the Tournament Indicator for Sit and Go.