Online Poker Scams You Should Avoid

Online poker has made it possible for people all over the world to be able to pay even in the comfort of their homes. However, this convenience is also beneficial for scammers lurking on the worldwide web. Most scammers operate when it is time to cash out all your winnings.

How Most Scams Work

While many judi poker online sites are reputable, there are also many others that are fraudulent. Some scams occur mid-game, but most of them happen during payout times. Here are some of the most common reports by those players who have been scammed previously:

  • Locked out of the system while accounts remain frozen
  • Overcharged during withdrawals
  • Do not receive payout funds

The Online Poker Employee

This is arguably the largest and most dangerous scam out there. What happens here is that an employee, who may or may not have been fired, of a poker site joins a poker room disguised as anonymous players. They will be able to see the cards of other players because of their admin privileges. You must be careful of checking out an online poker website because some websites are made specifically for this reason.

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The Poker Cash Out

The most notorious way that you can get scammed is when you request a cash out from an untrusted poker site. They usually use the confusing online gambling laws of a country to trick you into thinking that they had already sent your winnings when in fact, they never really did. They will have you contact your bank for a long time for missing bank wires that were never really there.

The Deposit

What happens here is that you deposit into a poker site. Your transaction is well processed with your money having been removed from your bank account, but the amount will never appear on your poker room account or online wallet. Due to this, you will have long and confusing arguments with the administrator of the site to get them to listen to your case or have your money refunded back to your account until you get tired of complaining and leave things as they are.

Nowadays, you will have to be careful when joining judi poker online. One of the ways you can protect yourself from fraudulent sites is to research them by asking your friends or looking up reputable sites using the reviews on online communities and blog spots. There is nothing wrong with little online games but ensure you are safe by making sure that what you are joining is reputable.