The Poker Guide: The DO’s And DON’TS Of Poker

            Playing poker for the first time can be frightening. Upon entering a new poker room, it seems like everyone is pro and you are the only one who is not familiar with how it works. However, do not let them intimidate you. To do this, learn more about Poker first. Educate yourself before throwing yourself into the pack of wolves.

            Entering a situs pokerqq or a casino site is just like going inside a real poker room where all eyes are on you. Just like in the real world, online poker rooms have their own set of rules as well. There are certain “do’s” and “don’ts” that you should be aware of. This is what they can the Poker Etiquette.

The Poker Etiquette – What You Need To Know

            Play your game wisely. If you are new yet you know how to play the game and have your own strategy in hand, this would be your advantage. If the regular players think that you are clueless, they will think that they can easily beat you and play their best game. But if you do not have any clue what strategy to use, act like you are a pro, or better yet, save your money until you know everything.

What You Should Do During A Poker Game

Wait, Do Not Rush! Always wait until it is your turn before acting on your hand. Do not get distracted and make sure that you pay attention to the game. Never call, bet or even raise or fold until it is your turn.

Always Protect Your Hand. While your hand is in play, it is your responsibility to protect it. Make sure that no one can see them and keep your cards close to you. Some would even place a chip or anything to keep their hands protected.

Do Not Delay On Facing Your Cards Up. At the showdown, make sure that you turn your cards face-up right away when the dealer calls for all of the players to “show.” failure to do so, it will be declared dead.

Be Humble. When you win big, be happy but not too proud. Remember that there are players who lost so you might insult them in a way. Same as when you lose, do not whine. Act professionally even when you don’t see them face to face.

What NOT To Do During A Poker Game 

Taking Too Much Time On Your Turn To Act. Be observant with the flow of the game. If everybody is not taking extra time to decide to avoid antagonizing other players, be considerate as well.

String Raise. This is when a player puts enough chips to bet then goes back and add more chips for a raise. If you want to raise, do it in one single motion. In real poker, you can call our “raise” before you add more of your chips.

Playing Random Hands. The technique in playing poker is that, when you have a bad hand, get rid of it as soon as you can. Holding on to it can ruin your bank balance and you will lose more money in the end.

Bluffing Too Much. This is a very well known ”newbie” technique. This is a fish move that most new players think would give them better chances of winning.

When it comes to poker games, playing real and pokerqq online is somewhat the same. Even though the difference would be the physical involvement of the players in the game, the rules are still the same. Poker etiquette should not be taken for granted. This can help you win in the end.