The Pressure Of Gaining Victory In Poker – READ HERE

            There is always some aspect of pressure to excel in poker, whether you’re a casual player or a professional. Poker is a competitive game, and you want to do your best, just like everything in life. But often, this drive to win may be an obstacle to achieving success. I’m going to talk in this article about the trends you may not know you have, their effect, and how you can enhance your game as a result.

In your game, there are several ways you could create stress that you may not know. A few common examples are the following:

Too High Hopes

This will bring additional strain to your poker game if you set a target to have a specific bankroll or make a certain amount of money in a defined period, and you are not somewhere you want to be in. To achieve these goals faster than what is practical, you will also have aspirations. But impatience will set in and impact your play if you start running poorly and are too focused on your outcomes.

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False Viewpoint of Your Capabilities

You may think you’re a stud while you’re on a hot streak, and you’ve just won a poker championship, however that doesn’t mean you’re ready for Phil Ivey. For yourself, be really rational. If you believe you are stronger than you are, every time you sit down to play, you will trick yourself into thinking you can win. When things stop going your way, you must be prepared to stay emotionally neutral or this extra motivation to succeed will lead to chasing former glory and blowing all the money you recently won.

Competitivity & Ego

The pressure to win for some stems from hating to lose. It’s more of a power. It eats at you when you lose a pot, even a tiny one. You can also begin to get upset about people taking “your” blinds, or believe that everyone bluffs every hand at you.

Behind all of these pressure factors, the common thread is that they can lead to poor decisions or even full-blown tilt. Each situation’s emotions will cloud your judgement and make you either too anxious or too timid to play. These stresses to excel can also lead to premature jumping up in limits for more extended periods when you are targeting outcomes or pushing yourself to play poker because you have been struggling lately and are trying to make up ground. They’re all a nightmare for your bankroll. But with, you won’t have to worry about pressuring yourself because you will indeed have bad days, but good ones will always be there ahead.